Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I've never been a big one for holidays but when in America... You do holidays big. So I've been as lame as possible without having someone male to be sappy about. Mainly my friends have benefited but I have a bit of a montage of Valentinesy stuff that I've done this week (it is America after all, all holidays last a week and are advertised for six).
Valentine's day is the day of Saint Valentine and it celebrates romantic love.Valentinus was an early Christian saint, and myth has it, he performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden them and healed the daughter of his jailor, whom he bid goodbye "from your Valentine" before his execution.
So, as with most holidays it seems, this one is originally religious and involves some crappiness that everyone seems to have forgotten. But hey, who can get enough of that chocolate right?

The entire aisle at Walmart that is pink - yes, it is ALL candy (I would say lollies but I'm trying to translate into American, I'll be all "miles" and "y'all" soon enough)
 Had to do the Disney thing - it is where fairytale endings come from after all, isn't it?
Maja and bride and groom Minnie and Mickey - I had to get her to hold them because otherwise Mickey looked a little polygamous on the stand!

Our happily ever after
Even my dance studio went all Valentinesy - with a little bit of circus of course
A variation on the cupid, complete with bow and arrow, wings and halo

Cross-back straddle = Abby as a spiderman/cupid you wouldn't mess with

I have no idea what this is called, but look! A purple heart!
Finally my own Valentine's lameness - I made cards and candy for some friends... yes, there were glitter pens involved.

I included the lamest poems I could come up with/google. The words "dew petal", "sapphire pools" and "guns" are included (that last one makes more sense in context but hey, these are my poems - get your own!)
I am about to be a slightly more literal cupid and hand them out.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. So cute! p.s. I'm trying to find out how to 'follow' you. Failing but will persevere

  2. Go to the blogger dashborad - under reading click "add" then type in the URL. Should work.