Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chef Mickey's

So getting into the Disney spirit I had breakfast at Chef Mickey's which is a character dining restaurant in the Contemporary Resort.
The idea is that you go and stuff your face at a buffet and while you sit there gulping it down Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto come around and pose for photos!
I headed in with three American girls and we mauled the characters when they came by. Goofy was a particular favourite though I prefer Donald - his fat tush when he waddles just gets me every time!
Everyone losing their s**t over Goofy!

Chef Donald!


Goofy cuddles!

Chef Mickey (I crouched, that dude is short!)

Minnie and me being delightful

And then I kiss her boyfriend...
However, as you can see from the chef's hats the characters all cook the food so it is completely inedible... kidding! It's great, and there's a lot of variety - even a breakfast dessert buffet. I had biscuits with gravy!
Every 45 minutes they play the celebration song - everyone swings their napkins above their heads and the characters run around boogieing. It is exactly as humiliating and entertaining as it sounds. You can check out Chef Mickey's here if you're interested, there are also Princess and Hundred Acre Woods themed dining if that's more your style.

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