Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Not So White Christmas

This is an incredibly late post.
You may have been tipped off to this by the word 'christmas' in the title and the date published being somewhere at the tail end of January.
I've been travelling pretty much constantly since the 19th of December and haven't had a computer so that's the explanation. But better late than never.
My holiday season began with a flight to Birmingham and a bus to Nottingham because it was cheaper than flying direct and I'm a student. I was going to stay with my sister, Lucy, before she took off for Tunisia for the 25th.
During the stay I dragged Lucy an hour down the road to Chatsworth House. This is an English manor house that was the inspiration for Pemberly in Pride and Prejudice.

It was set up for Christmas and crazy busy with children due to a Narnia theme. This didn't gel particularly well with my sister so we took the tour through the house then went for a wander of the extensive grounds.

The chapel

The chapel's ceiling

The White Witch

This was was my favourite in the sculpture gallery. The facial detail under the veil is startling. 

The dining room

Another day trip we took from Nottingham was in the opposite direction, towards the east coast and Norwich (pronounced, as I learned, to rhyme with porridge).

I have a great aunt there so we popped in for some lunch. We also went to see her daughter.
Lucy, Molly, Nina, Harriet
 On the 24th Lucy and Raph dropped me in Biggleswade on their way to the airport. This was where I spent Christmas with my father's cousin, Patricia, and her family. Patricia is originally from NZ so it was nice to see Harae Mai on the door and little kiwi touches around the place. The 'harae mai' was amusingly mounted on wrought iron in proper English style.

My view christmas morning

Christmas lunch

We spent the whole day eating, in the afternoon the dogs were taken for a walk, not by me though, I was in a solid food coma. In the evening we watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. Despite the lack of snow it was a very British Christmas.