Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bowling and Poling and Shooting

I have neglected you! I have been bowling and poling and shooting in the last couple of weeks and haven't told you a thing about it!
Well, I plan to remedy that right now.
To start: Bowling.
I went bowling as part of a charity thing through work for Youth Achievement. The waitresses raised money for us and on a Sunday morning away we went.

Insert Charlie's Angels reference
Then... the bowling montage:

We all wore our VoluntEars T-shirts because we're Disney awesome
And crazy high socks because we're regular awesome.

For the main: Poling
I'm doing this chronologically and that evening Billy and I trooped to the other side of town so I could help out at the pole competition (I was a cleaner and got some exciting purple shorts out of it as well as swollen toes!)
To be fair, Billy was mainly the trooper as I tricked him into going (he didn't know what it was until he had already agreed and it's not the kind of thing I thin he had ever done before, he's a classic Southern guy. Much more shooting and ma'am and opening doors than pole dancing).
Billy was also my trusty photographer as I was busy shimmying up the poles with a rag and some meths the whole time. That said, don't blame him for the poor quality - I gave him only a phone and the stage was brightly lit.

That would be me on the left.

I haven't added a lot of detail or many of the photos because I figure not many of you will care about the technical aspects so Yay! Poles! And pretty clothes and circus stuff! (The last two photos show silks and lyra as well as pole).

And for dessert: shooting.
This was another event with Billy - as I said he is a Southener and I though 'who better to take the raging liberal who is jumpy around loud noises shooting?'
He apparently agreed because off we went the next day.
We headed out to East Orange Shooting Sports range where they, for some reason, thought it was okay to give me a gun. Idiots. Amusingly I actually had to get a Georgia hunting permit before I could rent a gun which means that I am now apparently able to buy and carry (but not concealed) a gun in the United States. I feel that this adds a lot of weight to the gun control movement because clearly something has gone very wrong when I am permitted to buy a gun!

I was reasonably nervous heading in but the whole experience was much more fun than I would have thought. And I actually killed all of my paper people. (I can't remember what they're called)

Billy with the rifle

My first target (I hadn't yet worked out that head shots were acceptable)

Me looking convincingly like I know what I'm doing. Ha!

Movie shot - pistol

Zombie!! Yes, I got head shots as we all know chest shots won't incapacitate a zombie.

Some casings on the floor - also I'm wearing little boot heels and was met by Billy with much amusement over the choice of footwear.
In conclusion, I am now a badass and have access to firearms. The fact that I would probably promptly drop them and run away should not prevent you from being afraid. Actually, it should increase your fear as a dropped gun is more likely to go off than one I'm holding!
Seriously though, I was drilled about safety before being given the gun and reminded throughout the day on where to point it (or rather where not to!)

Having caught you up I will endeavour to keep you updated! See ya!