Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cocoa Beach

I finally made it to the beach! And I swam in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time! (As super aware that I am that basically every cool thing I'm doing overseas is a first, this is still exciting).
It started off the night before when we went to play pool after work. My team won three times by the way :D
We ended up at a Steak'n'Shake at 2am because I'd never been (funny how so many of my adventures involve food, it may not be obvious on here, but they all do) and tipsily decided to head to Cocoa the next day, bright and early because I had to be back for work in the evening.

I'll tell you all about the beach in a moment, but first... Steak'n'Shake! Because it is the most clasically 'American' food I've tried so far.

 This is what the diner looks like - cute huh?

This is my amazing chocolate-strawberry milkshake that actually comes with a cherry on top!!!
I enjoyed it rather a lot.

Next came the food. I was told to order Chili Cheese Fries and three sliders which was far more than I could eat but I wanted to try everything even at the risk of a food coma. I got the sliders with three different types of sauce including A1 which I hadn't tried before and am now a convert of (though I still don't know what it is).
It may not look pretty but it was delicious, and I suddenly found I could eat more than I thought. Also yes, I became a douchey person taking photos of their food.

Food babies present, we all headed home to grab three hours of sleep before getting up at 8 for the beach!
A workmate drove us in a convertible he happened to have at the time which obviously made going to the beach much cooler.
Charline with the wind in her hair!
I don't know what this is but it was driving along beside us for a while and I'm an utter tourist so took photos.
There was a pier which I thought was just great. Maybe because it's not really a NZ thing?
Book, lemonade and cute hat - what more do you need at the beach? Sunscreen, as I found out later that afternoon.
On the pier - I was just super excited about it.

We went to a cafe on the pier for lunch (more food, of course). I got to be reintroduced to my new friend, A1 sauce. We had fish dip which was delicious and I got some kind of burger monster which was huge but not amazing.

Then it was back just in time for work, but not before stopping off and grabbing some chocolate dipped pineapple, something I was a little apprehensive about as I'm picky with pineapple. Turned out it was delicious and juicy and very difficult to eat! It also turned out that I should have put on more sunscreen after going for a swim!

Cocoa beach is about 1 hour east of Orlando. Steak'n'Shake website is here if you wanted to find your local. I have no idea what the second restaurant was called but we played pool at "Backstage Billiards" which was very fun and laid back though they allow smoking inside.


  1. The pier looks like the Onekaka wharf would have done a long time ago.I think wharf and pier mean much the same thing anyway. It looks great.

    1. That's cool! I really liked it. It was huge though and had a bunch of touristy shops and a couple of cafes on it.

  2. Did you have a food hangover? That is disgusting, no wonder that nation is obese.

  3. Haha no, I only managed half of my burger at the beach. The one at Steak'n'Shake I ate all of and had a minor food hangover but it was like 4am so I just went straight to sleep :) You have to give it to them - they do greasy food very well.