Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nina in the Sky with... Mickey?

A couple of days ago I got the chance to go parasailing on Bay Lake with a workmate, Kelsey. It was sunny, calm and generally a great day. We arrived, signed all of our 'promise not to sue you if we die' paperwork and jumped on the boat with our lovely captain Dave.
Our lovely photographers were on board (haha get it) to help capture the moment so off we went.

 We indulged in some pin-up poses on the way to the centre of the lake because... well, we were pretty excited to be on a boat.

 Then it was time to get strapped in and get up there.

Taking off was surprisingly smooth and fast. We sat on the rear deck of the boat (probably has a technical name I don't know) with the parachute up behind us, but tethered, then they slowly let the rope loose. We cruised up to I-have-no-idea-how-high quickly then followed lazily behind the boat, figure-eighting around the lake.

 It was surprisingly smooth up there and very quiet, which I hadn't expected but I still enjoyed it immensely. I freaked out the captain and our paparazzi by leaning backwards and hanging in the harness, which lent an interesting perspective to the view. 
Yeah, we enjoyed ourselves.

Having nothing below you while you hang, suspended, from a giant Mickey head is a very cool sensation.
 It was time to come back down to Earth all too soon and we were winched back onto the boat. It looked excitingly like we might skim the water upon entry but no such luck.

 Then back to the shore for a celebratory Waffle House experience (a first for me and I ordered about three times too much food!)
Everyone post-flight.
If anyone is in Orlando and wants to try this then you can find Sammy Duvall's Watersports here, he also does jetski tours and tows biscuits behind boats (I'm not sure if that's a kiwi term, but I'm sure you'll work it out).