Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tilburg: the quieter side of my trip to the Netherlands

Before I went to Amsterdam, I went to Tilburg. However, after arriving at E's (a slightly complicated route due to works on the railway) and getting some food we sat down to a movie and didn't do a whole lot. We had wine, we had pastries, and we were pretty happy with that (seriously, try Dutch pastries if you go there, especially Stroopwaffel).
Amsterdam brought out our inner tourist and we did a little more on our return. E had a class the first day back and I had an exam in 2 days so we both studied in the morning, but in the afternoon we went for a forest bike expedition with E's Australian friend, Aaron.

 How very Dutch, right? It's also the first photos of E on a bike even after 10 months in the Netherlands!

 That afternoon we cycled into the town centre and had a wander around.

Somebodies finger is in the way!
 There's a shop there, much like the one we found in Bordeaux, called Auckland, NZ which confusingly has NZ branded things. We had a squizz.

I'm a big fan of this incredibly colourful autumn ivy that's around Europe right now. 
 Then it was off home in time for a student party. This is one of the separate bike lanes that the Netherlands has - notice there's one for each direction + the road! How civilised!
 The theme of the party was nerdy and a little bit flirty so we brought out the taped-up glasses, collars and short skirts.
 I went for Spiderman. Unfortunately they only had it in 5 year old boy size. Apparently grown women don't wear Spiderman shirts.

I was up the next day at 5am still a little wobbly on my feet to catch my flight back to Milan. The next day I had my exam (which I passed!) and then my sister arrived - so I'll tell you about my adventures with her soon. 

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