Thursday, May 2, 2013

Florida Wrap Up: Miami

This is another post that has come weeks after the fact but it is almost the last of my Florida ones finally! I'm really very inconsistent at this blogging business huh? To excuse myself I'd like to point out that the internet here is incredibly patchy and I'm doing lots of exciting things!

So. About a two months ago two workmates and I headed down to Miami - about a three hour drive from Orlando. We got up at 4am to make the most of the day and, including a gas and food stop, we were there by 8.

Driving through the city
The beach was pretty deserted when we arrived so we got to pick a prime spot.

Unfortunately it was also pretty chilly so early!
See the goosebumps?
It filled up pretty quickly though.
Olivia determined to make a sand-couch. So she dug
...and dug
...and laid down a towel
...and finally reclined in her creation! Kelsey and I soon followed suit - recognising it for the stroke of brilliance that it was.
Various planes flew past with advertisements throughout the day.

The sea remained a beautiful turquoise and the day heated up - no more goosebumps!

I went for a dip
And we got some 'jump-shots'

...or at least attempted them!

We also checked out 'DASH' - the Kardashian store which was incredibly overpriced and not particularly interesting. 
On the way home we got into a little trouble when we were rear-ended - not the best end to the day! Especially when you have a lobster butt from badly applied sunscreen and have to sit in a hot car longer than necessary!
But we did make it home and my lobster butt has since healed. It was a fun day trip :)

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